Heritage Marble and Stone

Historical renovation and reconstruction

James’ in-depth knowledge of heritage, material history, construction and reconstruction comes not only from a lifelong passion for the subjects, but also from his broad-ranging experience of tackling some of the most important and ambitious restoration projects of recent years.

In addition to his knowledge, James has an extensive reference library of historical architecture, which has proved essential when he has undertaken detailed heritage surveys and provenance investigations. James is also regularly called upon for expert opinion in arbitration cases.

The roll call of famous Stately Homes, Castles and Palaces that James has worked on is impressively extensive, but because of client confidentiality the names are not able to be disclosed. Below are just some of the areas in which James Elliott is the acknowledged authority:

  • Rare and Antique Marbles
  • Pietra Dura
  • Traditional Finishes
  • Marble Repair and Restoration
  • Marble Identification