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Rare marbles require rare talents, and for the best materials only the best workmanship will suffice. James Elliott has devoted his entire professional life to perfecting his knowledge of marble, stone and semi-precious stones. His expertise and craftsmanship is on display at many of the great heritage sites both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

The antiquity of the materials James works with is in stark contrast to the modernity of the engineering solutions he provides to his clients. The first result a client will see from a commission is a precise and meticulous 3D computer drawing of the work they envisage. James’ firm belief is that all the technical demands of any project must be fully resolved before any work commences. All too often he finds himself being required by architects to rescue projects which other stonemasons have under-estimated.

Sourcing the correct materials for any job has not only involved James in extensive overseas travel, but fully understanding the properties of the stone he is working has also obliged him to acquire an extensive knowledge of geology. The extensive variety of marble formations requires a deep sensitivity to the way each of them must be handled, and James has unparalleled skill in cutting even the most fragile materials.

With the amount of heritage work James undertakes, it is fundamental to his work that he has a thorough understanding of architectural history. While he frequently devises innovative engineering solutions to seemingly intractable problems, he is constantly aware of the need for his work to be sympathetic to the original spirit of the building in which he is working. He is also used to working with the very specific requirements of listed buildings.

Very little of the work James undertakes can be delegated, so because of the demands on his time he has just moved in to state-of the art new premises, housing his heavy investment in the latest equipment required to handle the scale of the jobs for which he is commissioned. James prides himself on never having turned down a job because it is too big for him to handle.

In spite of the above there are still jobs that need hand crafting and James is renowned for producing hand finishes that others can’t, and when complex carving is required James can ensure it is of the highest standard.

Not all the work James undertakes is historical. He enjoys fruitful working relationships with some of the greatest modern designers and architects ensuring that their designs are realised to the highest standard that the material will allow.

James Elliott - Master Stonemason

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James Elliott - Designer, Creator & Restorer of Interior & Exterior Features in Marble, Slate, Natural & Semi-precious Stone.

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